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Hoses and classification
Jan 25, 2016

Hoses are an important part of modern industry, mainly used as wire, cable, automated meter signal cable protection tube and civilian shower hose, ranging in size from 3mm to 150mm. Small-diameter hoses (inner diameter 3mm-25mm) is mainly used for precision optical sensing of line protection line protection, industrial sensors.

1. thread hose

Thread hose mainly galvanized steel, stainless steel band, PA, PE, PP and other plastic material hose. Application: machine building, electric thread hose, insulation, lighting, automobile manufacturing, aerospace equipment, subway, train, automatic control industries such as wire and cable protection. Characteristics: flexible and well, wind resistant, good bending properties, can bear a heavier load; acid, lubricants, coolants, such as, glossy surface, friction resistance. Can withstand the weight of foot, does not break, no deformation, can be quickly restored and itself without any damage.

2. stainless steel hose

Stainless steel hose refers to material from 304 stainless steel or 301 stainless steel hose. Use: used as automation instrument signal wire protection hose stainless steel hose assemblies. For protection of precision optics, sensing line of stainless steel hose. With good flexibility, corrosion resistance, high temperature resistance, resistance to abrasion, tensile, and waterproof. And provide some shielding.

3. metal hose

Metal hose mainly refers to a helical corrugated tube; another is a ring-shaped bellows. Spiral corrugated pipe is corrugated metal hose tube-shaped shell of spirally arranged, a Helix angle between adjacent circles of two, all the ripples can be connected by a spiral. Bellows ring is a closed ring-shaped corrugated tube-shaped shells, waves and the wave formed by the ring ripple series. Circular welded bellows made of seamless tubes or pipes to be processed. Subject to processing constraints, than spiral corrugated pipe, the one-tube is usually shorter in length. Bellows ring has the advantages of good elasticity, rigidity is small.