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Imports of metal hose machine several advantages
Jan 25, 2016

Metallic hose equipment has made rapid progress in recent years, these devices to satisfy the basic requirements; however, in the production of stainless steel hose products with special technological requirements, domestic metal hose or not to process requirements, or simply cannot produce, and can only be imported metal hose. Then, imports of metals and metallic hose hose machine machine advantages compared to those who do?

The main advantages of imported metal hose machine:

(1) stability and good reliability. Import metal hose machine stability reliability is an important cause of parts quality, overall performance is good. Another reason for the stability of import equipment reliability is a high degree of automation. Imports of metal hose automatic control of machine functions and precise automated control of the hose diameter and few errors, improves product quality.

(2) the precision and durability. To ensure the quality of stainless steel hose products, mold (rolled sticks) plays a key role, but at this stage of domestic metal hoses and imported metal hose is still a big gap, the gaps highlighted in the mold (rolling stick) on the precision and durability.

(3) a long service life. Metallic hoses and imported metal hoses in the life expectancy gap is mainly due to the materials of stainless steel hose (stainless steel) of different causes. Due to the quality of raw materials rather than imported products, domestic machine-rolled sticks are often used only for six months, while imports metal hose rolled sticks machine service life is 5 years.

(4) efficiency greatly increased production of domestic machinery to increase 10 times.