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Length is the metal hose installation priority elements
Jan 25, 2016

Metal hoses need to be fully flexible supply lines, preventing vibration of piping flexed their muscles in the premises, on air, steam, gas, heavy oil, oil, chemicals and other industries made important contributions. Metal hose highly adaptive to the environment, but is not installed correctly, will reduce their life expectancy, resulting in a large part of the waste. In the installation of metal hose, length is the primary consideration:

General length of metal hoses can be divided into 3 types: 1th, compression length, position hose compression to limit length of length 2nd is installed, this is the largest displacement in the center of half of the hose when the length of 3rd is stretched, when hose is stretched to the maximum length. Metal hose installation hose should be in the middle position, the so-called installation length. Installed in this location under hose can have 2 move when subjected to an axial load, or if can only moved 1, will affect the strength of the metal hose, reduce the service life.

During the actual installation process, the result is calculated taking into account the use a ruler to measure the hose length for installation may affect productivity, some foreign manufacturers ruler is installed directly on the hose, ruler cut off after the install. Metal hose can be installed horizontally, also can be installed vertically or diagonally, the ideal State is mounted vertically, and should avoid installation near the wheel and, if necessary, can install the bezel.

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