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Main characteristics of metal conduit fittings
Jan 25, 2016

In the current market, hose fittings are plastic, nylon and metal types. In which of the three hose fitting, what are the main characteristics of metal hose? now, for everybody are described in detail.

First of all, relative to the plastic connector and nylon joints, metal hose last longer, because its structure is more compact, relatively high strength, therefore, in the General case, metal hose fittings is a better choice.

Secondly, metal hose fittings and hoses more closely. Because of the metal hose connector on the design of sheath, connected to the hose close to, and at the time of installation is also very convenient. In addition, metal hose fittings and hoses very closely to prevent flooding out of the hose, hose can also prevent liquid immersed. In addition, the metal hose connector with a dust-proof and acid effects.

Again, metal hose fittings size varied. In order to meet the needs of consumers and manufacturers in the production of the metal hose connector will produce a variety of sizes. When customer demand when manufacturers can do a fast delivery. In addition, metal hose fittings size diversity, able to match with different sizes of hoses.

Is the metal hose connector main features detailed above; if you are trouble for don't know what hose is used, then the metal hose connector is a good choice, after all its characteristics let it have a wider relevance.