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Nylon hose and polyethylene tubing
Jan 25, 2016

Nylon hose and waveshaped, color, usuallyblack, there are other colors, some can alsospeak, stringing more convenient. Its goodproperties for flexible, wind resistant, goodbending properties, can bear a heavier load;acid, lubricants, coolants, such as, glossysurface, rub; can withstand the weight of foot,not fracture, deformation, can be quicklyrestored, and has no damage.

Polyethylene Tubing to install liquid deliverysystem to compensate the mutual displacement ofpipes or machinery, equipment connections andabsorbs vibration energy, can play a role ofdamping and noise reduction, with goodflexibility, light weight, corrosion resistance,fatigue resistance, resistance to hightemperature and many other features. Used inmany mechanical, electrical equipment, foodmachinery, automation, motors, without outsidewear protection of cables and insulation.

Above, a preliminary comparison of the two,present two hose industrial use widelyapplicable areas are more and more.