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Some characteristics of plastic hose
Jan 25, 2016

Plastic hose used in modern society more and more, so we need to know before you use plastic hoses characteristics, its characteristics are as follows:

1, surface smooth, reduce drag, to prevent rust and scale deposition;

2, soft, flexible, easy to install, simple processing;

3, plastic hose and steel, and when you need a certain shape, can be made into various shapes like metal pipes, and does not require complicated equipment and tools;

4, resistant to many chemical corrosion;

5, dimensional stability and permeability is small;

6, resistivity is great, can be used as an insulator;

7, the service life is long, up to dozens of years;

8, good temperature resistance, you can work in-40-100 ° c;

9, plastic hoses can be fitted with coupling type: card sets, bamboo-style, withholding, and fast-changing.

There are many other advantages, plastic hose in delivery of compressed air, water, fuel oil, solvents, liquid food, high-speed trains, machinery manufacturing and other growing areas of application.