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Stainless steel hose clamps in the daily life of industrial production in more and more widely used
Jan 12, 2017

Stainless steel hose clamps in the daily life of industrial production in more and more widely used, throat hoop is now commonly used in production and construction of a connector, the scope of application is also a certain requirement, often said to distinguish between the diameter, For example, at the time of purchase, said to be 70mm, it means that the clamping range is between 50mm to 70mm, 70mm, said the maximum bear range, and hose clamp range is based on the maximum range minus To 20mm, which is a common standard specification can be clearly to the query, which is the most basic features, select the product, in addition to the corresponding clamping range according to the choice, but also depends on the specific circumstances of the use of the environment , If it is in a high humidity environment, then, when the custom will choose those better corrosion-resistant material, after the product is produced, it is best to smear on the surface of a layer of better water resistance Coating, can effectively play a role in extending life.

In the choice of the corresponding product, the production license and the relevant product quality inspection departments are necessary to prove that, if it is used in special circumstances, it needs to be customized to provide a series of parameter data to manufacturers, manufacturers looking for quality Reliable, the strength of a good, you can let the design of products based on specific circumstances, after careful and cost-effective finalized before they can produce products to produce sampling, to ensure that all aspects of the problem does not arise. Due to the continuous upgrading of industrial facilities for various parts are constantly upgrading, even the connection between the equipment, stainless steel hose clamps, also need to have high quality. As we all know, the material is generally metal, and most of the main body is made of iron casting, so that if the connection part of the quality of clearance, it is possible to rust, so that the whole subject is damaged, very worth the candle, but If stainless steel hose clamps are selected for connection, this is avoided and the service life of the machine can be extended.

It can be said, because the role of the giant throat hoop, its development is very good, the market prospects are very broad, many people is also a fancy to this market, so have started producing all kinds of Canadian-style hoop, ordinary materials, special materials Of everything. This is also convenient for everyone's choice. But there are some people who abuse for publicity, obviously the production of ordinary hose clamps, but the name of the slogan of stainless steel hose clamps, giving people a misleading, so that people can not achieve the desired effect after use. Therefore, if the choice, be sure to compare, as an important part of machinery and equipment, the quality of hose clamps directly related to the development of the entire enterprise, when buying stainless steel hose clamps, be sure to select the regular brand Manufacturers, so as not to be deceived. Stainless steel hose clamps are generally divided into # 201, # 302, # 304 according to customer needs, production of different materials!