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Three different types of metal hose connector
Jan 25, 2016

Metal hose joint main by corrugated tube, and network sets and joint composition, became industrial pipeline in the not missing of a flexible pipeline, due to each pipeline field on metal hose of requirements different, only right of hose to in pipeline in the get reasonable using, to play its important role; so for meet pipeline using needs, market Shang common of metal hose joint also has different type, as DPJ outside thread end received type, and DKJ card sets type, and DGJ since solid type, and 90 degrees bent joint, and 45 degrees bent joint, and Y-tee, t-shaped tee metal connector, stainless steel hose connectors, such as connector, the characteristics of the different types of connectors also vary.

DPJ-external screw termination: metal connectors with zinc-alloy die-cast, chrome-plated zinc plated, matte, or; structure, free of porosity, high strength, this metal connectors for terminating, for metal hose is connected to the line connector on the box.

DKJ card sleeve and DGJ-solid three almost identical characteristics of metal hose fitting, the main difference is that the metal connectors are connected differently, DKJ ferrule metal connectors for card sets, metal hoses to be connected without a threaded steel pipe

DGJ-solid-metal joints for solid, metal hose to be connected without threaded pipe with or without threaded outlet of the device.

From this we can see three metal Connector connection is different, in different areas of the pipe you need to select the right product, in order to ensure rational use in a pipeline.