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How to choose PTFE Gasket
Jul 18, 2017

PTFE gasket quality is mainly embodied in the thickness of tolerance, PTFE is not a good sealing material, of course, the exception of the four fluorine, ordinary PTFE gasket whether recycled material or pure raw materials have a cold flow, that is, the thickness of the long-term should be changed, with a period of time to tightly tighten the screws, so thickness tolerance is the first choice of PTFE gasket quality, there is a complex processing technology of dispersed resin to do the gasket, said the quality is excellent, but the price will be very expensive.

Many customers hear friends or peers said some of the sealing parts for Teflon, the effect is very good, wear resistance, high and low temperature also self-lubricating, but do not know the details below to tell you what the ideal PTFE gasket should be, and how to check and seal.

The ideal sealing material of PTFE gasket should have a comprehensive performance with easy surface yield and good overall sealing property. PTFE has the unique advantages of strong chemical corrosion, heat resistance, flame retardant, easy processing and low cost, and is an ideal sealing material. And we can add graphite in PTFE to enhance its performance, but the pure flexible graphite material mechanical strength is not enough, oxidation resistance. The PTFE material has good plasticity and strong resistance to chemical corrosion, but its use range is limited because of the poor resilience and cold flow.

PTFE Teflon modified after the performance will be greatly enhanced, that is, in the raw materials to add fillers, can be made into a variety of color products, such as the black molded bar is actually PTFE resin added to the black pigment or color powder made from, gray black rods are: PTFE resin joined the graphite, black ribbon copper Bar is PTFE resin added to the copper powder, in addition, you can add glass fiber, molybdenum disulfide, polystyrene and other substances, add different fillers, its color will also change.