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Application Of Metal Hose Clamps In Automobile Industry
Sep 22, 2017

The metal Hose Clamps and the lower jaws respectively comprise a first semicircular groove And the second semicircular groove, the first semicircular groove and the second semicircular groove are not equal in radius; the metal Hose Clamps with the first semicircular groove of the clip and the lower The second semicircular groove of the upper clip is opposed to the first semicircular groove of the lower jaw to form a second space; the metal Hose Clamps The lower clip is fixedly connected with the clip holder, and the upper clip and the lower clip are fixedly connected. Can be parallel to the brake fluid metal hose and tire inflatable metal hose is relatively fixed to reduce the metal hose due to chassis vibration and hydraulic pressure impact caused by changes in the position, to avoid metal hose wear and tear to extend the use of metal hose Life, to ensure that the brake metal Hose Clamps normal oil and ventilated metal hose smooth ventilation.

Installation of metal hose piping In complex piping systems, there are often difficulties in the installation of space due to space conditions, such as the formation of the pipe can not be installed; bent over, come, make up the pipe , Will inevitably produce local cold correction. According to the tube diameter and the specific circumstances of the scene, the cold correction from a few millimeters to tens of millimeters, and some hundreds of millimeters. Practice has proved that the larger the amount of its internal stress is also higher, these residual in the pipeline system installation stress, is undoubtedly a great interest. A model of a bearing in the engine lubricating oil pipe, in the actual operation of the occurrence of multiple rupture accident, is due to the installation of stress is too high due. Because it can bend freely and bend under the rated bending radius of the internal stress generated by the minimum, so it can bring great convenience to the installation work, the safe operation of the pipeline system also plays a protective role. This is the main reason why certain piping systems must use metal hoses. Compensation Pipeline Position The movable cylinder on the vulcanizer will move in the up and down directions due to the need of the loading and unloading mold.

After repeated traction of the copper serpentine tube, fatigue fracture occurs, although the repair can continue to use, but the parking repair will cause time loss. Although the rubber tube has a good soft characteristics, anti-fatigue ability is also very strong, but in pressure, temperature, anti-aging and other aspects of the weak links, generally use a few months later, can no longer continue. Metal hose good comprehensive performance in this fully reflected. In the general industrial field, in addition to pressure, temperature, but also often there are some such as fatigue, corrosion, vibration, compression, shock and other harsh conditions, in such circumstances, to compensate for the location of the pipeline movement is the most appropriate The. Absorbing vibration of a giant building, the hall air conditioning is fixed by the basement of the 6FWB unit provided. Unit vibration through the connection pipe this bridge, has been spread to the ground hall, the noise value of 45dB. In such an environment, people always feel a sense of discomfort. Improve the design, the connection in the pipeline connected to the metal hose, not only absorbed part of the noise generated by the unit vibration, the system of fluid noise generated by the noise has been absorbed a lot, this time, the ground hall noise The value is only 33dB, greatly improving the environment within the hall. Can absorb vibration, it can not only improve the system fatigue damage ability, but also can achieve the effect of reducing noise. Some piping systems use metal hoses because of this.