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Are O Rings Universal
Nov 24, 2018

Rubber O-rings are suitable for use on a wide range of mechanical equipment to seal against static or moving conditions at specified temperatures, pressures, and in different liquid and gaseous media. Various types of sealing elements are widely used in sanitary ware, ships, automobiles, hardware, electronics, toys, electrical appliances, aerospace equipment, machinery, and various instruments. Rubber O-rings are mainly used for static and reciprocating seals. For rotary motion seals, only for low speed rotary seals. The rubber O-ring is generally installed in a groove with a rectangular cross section on the outer or inner circle to seal. The rubber O-ring seal still plays a good role in sealing and damping in the environment of oil resistance, acid and alkali, grinding and chemical corrosion. Therefore, rubber O-rings are the most widely used seals in hydraulic and pneumatic transmission systems.

The rubber O-ring cross-section structure is extremely simple, and has a self-sealing effect, and the sealing performance is reliable. Since the rubber O-ring itself and the mounting structure are extremely simple and standardized, installation and replacement is very easy. Because the O-line has a variety of different materials, and the size range is not the same, whether it can be used in general depends on the specific application products.

Rubber O-rings