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Difference Between O Ring Seals Ring And D-type Seal Ring
Jul 18, 2017

O Ring Seals is circular rubber seal ring with round section. It is mainly used in the static condition to prevent the leakage of liquid and gaseous media. In some cases, the O Ring Seals can also be used as a dynamic sealing element for axial reciprocating motion and low-speed rotational motion. Depending on the conditions, different materials can be selected to adapt.

O-ring seals are usually used to choose the large section of the O Ring Seals. In the same space, the volume of the O Ring Seals is squeezed into the clearance should be less than the maximum allowable value of the extrusion.

Analysis of the use of D-type seals

D-Type sealing ring is not easy to twist and twist damage during reuse, and at low temperature, the contact pressure is larger than O Ring Seals, not easy to chew injury, is a good performance of the rubber seal ring, the type of special-shaped section O Ring Seals, its mold and O Ring Seals die-like mold, the choice of the largest part of the arc.

II. Determination and design of die structure

1. Basic Design Requirements

To improve the quality of products, to meet the requirements of appearance and dimensional accuracy, if the design of the seal ring its static sealing effect, then ra=6.3~3.2um, when the seal is moved, the ra<1.6um. 2, the mold's loading and disassembling, packing and removing products, do not damage the product

The mold has three parts, the upper and lower mold and the core, with the opening die, the core and the upper and lower mold with the inclined guide groove, the core and the upper and lower die with the slant positioning. A flat hole is arranged between the upper mold and the cavity, and the lower die is close to the cavity part with a semicircular rest groove with a radius of 2, which ensures the product is removed conveniently, the mould is disassembled and the packing is convenient and easy to use.