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Discussion On Strengthening PTFE Gasket
Oct 25, 2017

PTFE Gasket is a commonly used parts in production, it is the use of PTFE integrated excellent characteristics, widely used in chemical, textile, electrical, food processing, pharmaceutical and machinery industries and other fields. Processing of PTFE gasket method, the use of a good processing of the die or push the tube, the car system; according to the device flange diameter, directly on the plate cutting or stamping; can also have a certain number of pads Chip open mold customization. General molded gaskets, tightness than the pressure of the tube system of the gasket to get closer, good pressure, but smooth and smooth flat as the formation of the car. Pure PTFE pressure is not ideal, when the bolt is too tight, or more than a specific compressive stress when the material in the long-term continuous load under the action of plastic deformation, resulting in gasket was flattened. Pure polytetrafluoroethylene exhibits such creep phenomena, or cold flow, under tensile and compressive loads. Mainly in the role of the load under the action of PTFE in the load direction of displacement, while the stiffness decreased. The size of the creep is related to the factors such as time, temperature and load, and is related to the crystallinity and molecular weight of the tetrafluoroethane. The PTFE Gasket is used in the long-term use due to the creep of the gasket. Leakage, the creep resistance is very important, so pure curable PTFE products creep cold flow also limits its use.

For a long time to maintain a reliable seal, to improve the performance of PTFE gasket, in addition to molding and mechanical processing methods to improve. Usually modified with PTFE filler, modified polytetrafluoroethylene and pure polytetrafluoroethylene compared with a high compressive strength, wear resistance, thermal conductivity, thermal expansion and other advantages. Such as adding graphite to improve the thermal conductivity and lubricity of the material; adding glass fiber can improve the compression resistance and can improve the stability of the size; Another example is the addition of carbon fiber can improve the creep resistance of materials, compression, especially in the water circulation medium More obvious effect; you can also add polyphenylene to improve the material temperature resistance to radiation; sometimes add some other inorganic materials or a variety of fillers mixed use. Specific need to be based on the use of environmental requirements and filled with PTFE gasket technical requirements may be.