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How Do I Choose An O Ring Seals?
Jun 15, 2017

O Ring Seals are used in different types of fixed or dynamic sealing applications, while the O Ring Seals is a two-way sealing element.

The initial compression in the radial or axial direction during installation gives the initial sealing capability of the O Ring Seals itself. The total sealing force is synthesized by the sealing force produced by the system pressure and the initial sealing force, which increases with the increase of the system pressure. O Ring Seals in the static seal occasions, showing a prominent role. However, in dynamic applications, O Ring Seals are often used, but they are limited by the speed and pressure of the seal.

O Ring Seals Technical data:

Dynamic pressure:

No back ring, the reciprocating movement up to 5mpa

When there is a ring, the higher pressure

Maximum compression:

Static seal: O Ring Seals diameter of 20%

Dynamic seal: O Ring Seals diameter of 30%

Pressure: static occasion speed: maximum reciprocating speed up to 0.5m / s

No retaining ring, the maximum pressure can reach 20mpa maximum rotation speed of up to 2.0m / s

With a retaining ring, the maximum pressure can be reached 40mpa

When there is a special retaining ring, the maximum pressure can be reached 200mpa

I plant the production of O-silicone seal products have covered the traditional home appliances, household items, mobile phones, computers, cars, new silicone products and other fields, with a strong development and design and manufacturing capabilities in this area has maintained a leading position. Produced by the O Ring Seals products through SGS qualified, no odor products, non-aromatic components, anti-ultraviolet, anti-yellowing, in line with FDA food grade requirements.