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How Do O Ring Seals Work?
Oct 11, 2018

Ring use and O-ring storage - Precautions

1) O-rings are generally not reusable;

2) When loading the O-ring into the groove, be careful not to twist the O-ring;

3) When installing the O-ring, consider applying a sealing medium on the groove and the O-ring;

4) If the O-ring is not in use, try not to open the O-ring original packaging, so as to avoid the O-ring damage caused by the dust or mixed foreign matter on the O-ring;

5) O-rings should be kept away from direct sunlight or placed near high-temperature heat sources such as boilers to avoid aging of O-rings;

6) The O-ring should avoid strapping on the needle or metal wire to avoid deformation of the O-ring and damage to the lip end;

7) It should be specially stated that O-rings occasionally appear discolored during storage, that is, white powder is produced on the surface of the O-ring, which will not adversely affect the function of the O-ring.

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