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How To Choose Rubber Seals?
Jun 23, 2018

Rubber seals use a variety of additives during processing, such as vulcanizing agents, antioxidants, active agents, fillers, colorants, etc. Some unscrupulous manufacturers add some non-food additives to reduce production costs. These substances have certain toxicity. When cooking foods in a pressure cooker, they may even melt toxic substances, causing food contamination and adversely affecting the human body.

At present, the domestic pressure cooker rubber seal material is mainly silicon rubber and NBR. Silicone rubber is an ideal material. It has excellent performance in terms of flexibility, heat resistance, and aging resistance, and silicone rubber has no chronic toxicity and is safe to humans.

We should use caution when choosing seals. Should try to buy new factory products, wash each time used. As long as the consumer pays attention to the maintenance of the seal ring and finds that there is an aging, air leakage, and deformation phenomenon immediately replaced, it can avoid the pressure cooker explosion and apron poisoning.

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