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How To Distinguish PTFE Tape Quality Is Good Or Bad
Oct 10, 2017

PTFE tape quality depends on the following aspects:

First, the temperature resistance. Under normal circumstances, PTFE tape can withstand 260 degrees, but poor quality, 10 minutes after the blistering, stripping. Some even 2-3 minutes there is a problem. Therefore, when the use of the temperature above 200 degrees in the case, we must use good quality PTFE tape. Good quality PTFE tape selected imported substrate, as well as imported Teflon emulsion.

Second, sticky. PTFE tape sticky depends mainly on the choice of silicone pressure sensitive adhesive. Poor quality of silicone pressure sensitive adhesive price is quite cheap, but will not take long to fall down, or even stripped.

Third, wear resistance. PTFE tape wear resistance depends mainly on Teflon high temperature cloth quality is good or bad. If Teflon high temperature cloth is used in pure domestic, then the wear resistance is very poor.

Fourth, corrosion resistance. PTFE tape is anti-corrosion, but the effect of anti-corrosion and Teflon high temperature cloth. PTFE tape corrosion and silicone cloth products, anti-corrosion properties are not the same, silicone anti-corrosion effect than Teflon high-temperature cloth is better. But the temperature of the silicone cloth as Teflon high temperature cloth.

Fifth, the service life. Everyone is most concerned about is the service life. PTFE tape is closely related to the service life and the use of the environment, temperature, pressure and the production of raw materials used.