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How To Install Rubber Seals?
Jan 15, 2019

★O-ring seal

The structure of the O-ring is very simple, small in size, able to fit closely with the components and has a strong sealing effect. After the first installation, no further adjustments are needed, which can effectively prevent the invasion of dust and other media. To avoid water leakage, oil leakage, etc., and the O-ring purchase cost is low, adaptability, widely used in the installation process of various machine equipment components. However, the frictional resistance formed by the O-ring after mechanical starting is relatively large, and the precision of the matching component is extremely strict. In the process of installation, it is necessary to ensure that the cross-sectional diameter and inner diameter range of the O-ring meet the national standards, and the size of the flash edge should be grasped. The appropriate pre-compression amount should be left in the groove of the O-ring.

★Y-ring seal

The Y-shaped seal has a strong pressure resistance, a simple installation process, and a small frictional resistance. When installing the Y-ring, use special tools to assist. In order to maximize the performance of the seal, the edge of the hole should be chamfered. Carefully clean the groove before installation to avoid impurities. Apply it during installation. The right amount of lubricant.

★YX seal

YX-shaped seals are mainly used to seal piston rods. They are available in TPU and CPU materials for general hydraulic cylinders and high pressure cylinders. YX seals are also divided into shafts and holes. The shaft is used to seal or fix the sliding shaft surface, and the hole is used to seal the sliding inner hole surface. In order to prevent the seal ring from failing, the retaining ring can be controlled with a large gap between the hydraulic equipment. When installing the seal ring, it is necessary to carefully check the quality of the lip and lip, and set the groove size according to the relevant requirements. Properly and properly equipped rubber ring for installation.

★Dust ring seal

The main function of the dust ring is to prevent dust, sand and other impurities from falling in the working of the hydraulic cylinder, keep the hydraulic system clean and the oil is not polluted at any time, and the dust ring can scrape off the impurities falling on the piston rod in time. Especially in the environment where agricultural, mining, machinery and other equipment are used, dust is extremely easy to invade, and it is necessary to install a dustproof ring. During the installation process, the size of the lip must be reasonable. If it is too large or too small, the life of the dust ring will be reduced.