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How To Prevent The O Ring Seals Twist
Sep 22, 2017

O Ring Seals common material for the nitrile rubber, fluorine rubber, silicone rubber, EPDM rubber, chloroprene rubber, polytetrafluoroethylene and so on. In the choice of O Ring Seals material, you should consider the following aspects:

1. O Ring Seals working state, distinguish between O Ring Seals is static seal or dynamic seal.

2. Mechanical working state, refers to the mechanical work in a continuous or intermittent state. And to take into account whether there is impact load acting on the sealing site and the length of each intermittent time.

3. The working medium of the sealing ring, considering whether the medium is liquid or gaseous, and taking into account the chemical and physical properties of the medium.

4. Working temperature and pressure. Working pressure includes pressure magnitude and fluctuation range and instantaneous maximum pressure. The operating temperature includes the lowest temperature, the highest temperature, and the instantaneous temperature. 

O Ring Seals twist is one of the common faults, then how can effectively prevent the O Ring Seals such a failure?

1. First, in the design and processing of trenches, according to the standard to design coaxial degree, be sure to coaxial degree within the tolerance range.

2. Select the O Ring Seals, to check the seal section, O Ring Seals cross-sectional size to be uniform.

3. Install the O Ring Seals method to be correct, to ensure that the seal ring into the groove, if the installation is sealed when the ring is sealed, then it is easy to work after the twist phenomenon.

4. If the piston and piston rod heavier, should try to reduce the hole with the gap, if necessary, can be installed supporting guide sleeve.

5. Depending on the situation, star rings may be used instead of O Ring Sealss.