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How To Use A Gas Hose Clamp?
Dec 22, 2017

◆Clean the stove inlet, then hose joints and joints into the stove over the red, with a pipe clamp or hose clamp hoop.

◆According to the relevant regulations of the country, the life of the plastic hose is two years. If it is used for a long time without replacing it, it is easy to leak gas.

◆The stainless steel bellows can be selected and the service life of the stainless steel bellows is ten years. The outer part of the corrugated pipe is covered with a yellow plastic. All the inside is stainless steel. There is a black rubber piece on the two ends of the pipe. After the connection is tightened with the valve, the rubber piece will expand and prevent it from deflating.

◆Some live in a building or a cottage residents, plastic hose home is often a mouse or other insect bite, the use of stainless steel tube after it will not happen.