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How To Use Hose Clamps
Sep 13, 2018

1. Hose clamp is an important fastener for all kinds of hose connections. The link of each pipe fitting is indispensable. The hose clamp is also known as the clamp. All production machinery, construction machinery, water systems. A fastening tool must be used in the oil circuit system. There are many types of hose clamps. The most common ones are national standard, German standard, British standard, American standard, and European standard. The hose clamp is divided according to the style and material. European hose clamps, American hose clamps, German hose clamps, British hose clamps, double steel hose clamps, and several types of tiger clamp hose clamps. The most common material is stainless steel and carbon steel. The stainless steel material is made of stainless steel 201 and stainless steel 304.

2. The hose clamp is a part that tightly connects the hoses of the mechanical equipment. The fastening of the steel belt is tightened by the cooperation of the screw and the nut, and the fastening range of the steel belt is reduced to provide a fastening function. The name is different in every country and every region. The range of applications for each hose clamp is also different.

3, European hose clamp professional steel pipe clamp

4, British hose clamp (11.7mm) professional fire hose fastening

5, Tiger clamp hose clamp is mainly used for hoses that require strong fastening force

6, American hose clamps are widely used, there are three types of American hose clamps: small American hose clamps (8mm), Chinese and American hose clamps (10mm), and large American hose clamps (12.7mm). The distinction between American hose clamps is mainly the width of the steel strip. The semi-steel and all-steel distinctions are distinguished by hoop heads. The steel strips are made of stainless steel. The semi-steel hoop head screws are made of iron-plated nickel. They are shaped like stainless steel. All steels are known as the name of the whole. stainless steel. The steel belt adopts a transparent process, and the screw is perfectly combined with the steel belt.

7. The width of the German hose clamp belt (9mm) is similar to that of the American model. The main application is fastening with the link of the automobile pipeline. The material is divided into semi-steel and all steel. The difference from the American hose clamp is that the steel belt is not through the air, but the stamped teeth are tightly combined with the screws.

8. Double steel hose clamps are mainly made of two kinds of carbon steel wire-plated zinc and stainless steel 201. The application range of double steel hose clamps is similar to that of other hose clamps. Determine the size of the hose clamp according to the torque required to tighten.