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Inspection Of PTFE Gasket
May 17, 2017

Many customers to hear a friend or peer said some sealed parts put Teflon, the effect is very good, wear, high and low temperature is also self-lubricating, but do not know the details, the following came and we talk about the ideal poly What should be the vinyl fluoride gasket and how it should be tested and sealed.

The ideal PTFE Gasket sealing material should have the surface easy to yield, the overall performance of a good comprehensive performance. Teflon has the unique advantages of resistance to strong chemical corrosion, heat resistance, flame retardant, easy processing and low cost, and is the ideal sealing material. And we can add graphite in the polytetrafluoroethylene to enhance its performance, but the pure flexible graphite material mechanical strength is insufficient, PTFE Gasket intolerant oxidation. Polytetrafluoroethylene plastic material is good, resistant to chemical corrosion ability, but because of poor resilience and cold flow defects, so that its use is limited.

Teflon PTFE after modified performance will be greatly enhanced, that is, in the raw materials by adding fillers, can be made into a variety of color products, such as black molded rods are actually tetrafluoro resin added black pigment or toner production Made of gray and black stick is: PTFE resin added to the graphite, black ribbon copper bar is added to the PTFE resin, can also be added glass fiber, molybdenum disulfide, polystyrene and other substances, add different Of the filler, the color will also change.

Inspection of PTFE Gasket

PTFE Gasket inspection of the factory inspection and type inspection, including factory inspection items, including size and appearance quality. Type inspection includes: all items of factory inspection; compression strength; compressive strength; seal leakage rate and so on.

A type test shall be carried out in any of the following cases:

New product test; product transformation; after the formal production, in the structural materials, technology has a greater change, may affect product performance; normal production over a year; discontinued three months after the resumption of production, quality supervision agencies or customers made Type inspection requirements when.

PTFE Gasket test method:

Appearance Quality:

The appearance quality of PTFE gasket is checked by visual inspection.

Size deviation: the size of the gasket with a 0.02mm caliper caliper measurement, gasket inside and outside diameter and thickness, should be measured on the circumference of three arc, whichever is the arithmetic mean.

PTFE Gasket compressive strength; compressive strength; seal leakage test.