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O-ring Seal Product Performance
Jul 17, 2018

The choice of O-ring material is important for its sealing performance and service life. The properties of the material directly affect the performance of the O-ring. In addition to the general requirements for sealing material, O-rings should also pay attention to the following conditions:

(1) Flexibility and resilience;

(2) Appropriate mechanical strength, including expansion strength, elongation and tear strength.

(3) The performance is stable, it is not easy to swell in the medium, and the heat shrinkage effect (Joule effect) is small.

(4) Easy to process and maintain precise dimensions.

(5) Does not corrode the contact surface, does not contaminate the medium, etc.

The most suitable and most commonly used material to meet the above requirements is rubber, so O-rings are mostly made of rubber. There are many varieties of rubber, and there are new varieties of rubber. When designing and selecting, you should understand the characteristics of various rubbers and make reasonable choices.

Secondly, there is silica gel in the rubber. Silicone is also commonly used in the manufacture of O-rings (Nuoyi silicone O-ring gaskets), such as: button storage box sealing ring, button cover on the hole gasket. The sealing ring produced by high-quality silica gel is not only smooth, non-stick glass, but also has strong flexibility. Non-toxic, tasteless.