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O Ring Seals Diameter Measurement
Jul 07, 2017

O Ring Seals diameter measurement:

(1) with a cone to measure the small size O Ring Seals diameter, range of 50mm below the measurement error of not more than ± 0.02mm. The same type of O Ring Seals can use the same cone, without having to consider the diameter of the circle. As shown in Figure 1, it is a set of 1: 100 taper steel bar, on the cone rod every 10 mm from each diameter of a diameter line, each diameter marking accuracy is 0.1mm, can be estimated 0.01mm. When measuring, the O Ring Seals is lowered along the cone and the diameter scale is read at the stop. In order to make the O Ring Seals along the cone rod coaxial, the design of the guide sleeve; O Ring Seals to stop when the cone with no gap and set the pressure code, the size of the code should be appropriate, Mm, wall thickness 6mm, height with the rubber ring hardness changes. In the low, medium and high hardness range of pressure code were taken 3,6,15 mm. For the above cone, the compression code height should be 1.5, 3 and 6mm, respectively. When the weight of the compression code to increase or decrease, the measurement error is only a difference of 0.01 ~ 0.02mm, so the weight of the pressure code is not very strict choice.

(2) the use of SM flexible feet, can be applied to 55 ~ 380mm rubber O Ring Seals diameter size measurement. The flexible feet are made of translucent film (polymer material). The reading principle is basically the same as the vernier caliper. Easy to use, easy to master, and can be directly from the tail into the test piece close to the measured circle, with a rubber finger with two fingers to the flexible feet open or tightened, before use with the measured seal Round contact, read the ruler of the ruler, the reed of the double line shown in the value, that is, the diameter of the seal under test. In the measurement, it should be noted that the measured O Ring Seals placed in a smooth glass or plastic plate, the measurement should not be forced to open (or tighten) the flexible ruler to avoid deformation caused by the ring error. The degree of force to master the flexible ruler is similar to that of the caliper.