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O Ring Seals Groove Damage Inspection
Nov 03, 2017

O Ring Seals is one of the many seals, sealing materials used for most seals are basically polymer elastomer, of course, the specific will be based on its own function, but also add some other materials, Including the ratio between the various is not the same, but no matter what changes, all the seals must have these specific properties:

1, with a certain mechanical and physical properties: such as tensile strength, tensile strength, elongation;

2, a certain flexibility, hardness, and compression set small;

3, compatible with the working medium, is not prone to swelling, decomposition, hardening;

4, wear-resistant, there is a certain tear resistance;

5, with high temperature, low temperature aging properties.

In the repair of machinery and equipment, through the 0-ring seal groove damage inspection, not only can be informed of damage and causes, but also access to the hydraulic system of the situation

1, O Ring Seals groove radial incision or biting, may be due to excessive pressure, contact with sharp corners, excessive movement of the sealing gap or due to improper installation and apron material is too soft, but does not rule out the hydraulic system Long-term overheating and other causes;

2, O Ring Seals grooves produce axial incision, which may be caused by scratching or gap caused by uneven installation;

3, O Ring Seals groove crushed deformation is due to poor material, lack of flexibility caused;

4, O Ring Seals serious wear and tear is due to poor lubrication, if the distortion is improperly installed;

5, O Ring Seals expansion occurs, it means the hydraulic oil is not suitable or improper material of the rubber ring;