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O-type Seal And D-type Seal The Difference
Oct 17, 2017

O-rings are circular rubber seals with circular cross-section, which are used primarily to prevent the leakage of liquids and gaseous media under static conditions. In some cases, O-rings can also be used for axial reciprocating motion And low-speed rotary motion of the dynamic sealing components. According to different conditions, can choose different materials and adapt to.

O-ring is usually used to try to use large cross-section of the O-ring in the case of the same gap. O-ring sealed into the gap should be less than the volume of the maximum allowable value.

O Ring Seals.jpg

D-type ring re-use process is not easy to twist damage, and work at low temperatures, the contact pressure than the O-ring is large, not easy to bite off, is a good self-sealing rubber seal, the type belongs to Shaped cross-shaped O-ring, the mold and O-ring mold similar to the sub-surface selection in the largest arc.