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PTFE Gasket Leakage Method
Jun 27, 2017

The above describes the use of PTFE gasket on the use of methods and applications in the processing without adding any adhesive, nor deformation, with good flexibility, easy to install, with a unique design style.

Various forms of PTFE gasket in the case of improper or long-term use, there will be leakage or leakage of the situation occurred, a good understanding of these leaks can help us in a timely manner on the PTFE gasket To repair, to prevent the occurrence of leakage.

PTFE Gasket leaks are: soaked leakage, interface leakage, destruction of leakage, scattered leakage.

The first: soaking leakage: because the soft material of the material are mostly fiber, easily dipped by the media, specifically the role of pressure. Because of the capillary, the medium will soak into the high pressure side to form a leak.

The second: interface leakage: the interface because the gasket is not enough pressure, flange joint surface brightness improper, flange deformation, etc. will be disclosed in the sealed interface. On the interface leakage, the use of soft material clamped in the flange surface can be prevented.

The third: destruction of leakage: in the Teflon sealing gasket sealing parts working conditions are relatively unruly, hot deformation, often by vibration, shock, improper device, tightening force is too large, repeated repeated applications, tightening deformation, Stress concentration, beyond the strength of fatigue and destruction, data aging, transformation and so will form a leak. This kind of leakage to form the greatest impact, harm is also large, to enhance the preparedness.

The third: dispersion of leakage: the concentration of the propulsion, the media through the sealing gap or sealing the capillary material generated by the material and disclosed. Decentralization is the result of molecular activity and is not one-way. In the PTFE Gasket pressure difference is very small or vacuum, or sealing nitrogen, hydrogen and other leaky substances, and highly toxic, spray material to pay special attention to infiltration and dispersion of two kinds of leakage.