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PTFE Tape Is Widely Used In Packaging Electronics And Electrical Industries
May 10, 2017

PTFE tape has the following main features:

PTFE tape low coefficient of friction - self-lubricating properties help to improve the processing properties of many coils.

Excellent chemical resistance - Provides resistance to chemical corrosion in harsh working conditions.

PTFE tape Excellent heat resistance - Provides long-term stability for many heat-sealed machines.

PTFE tape bending radius is small - can be close to the drum, easy to use, high efficiency.

PTFE tape anti-sticking - anti-sticking properties make the plastic will not be bonded to the drum, which can remove the thermoplastic extrusion molding skin.

PTFE tape is smooth, has good anti-stick, chemical resistance and high temperature resistance and excellent insulation properties, widely used in packaging, thermoplastic, composite, sealing heat, electrical and electronic industries, where the need for anti-stick heat Corrosion-resistant insulation and other parts of the paste, and has repeatedly paste function. After the fabric reinforced PTFE tape more with high strength characteristics, can be applied to the sizing machine drum, thermoplastic stripping and other industries, can be used repeatedly, easy to replace. Can be directly affixed to a variety of large flat and regular surface (such as drum), the operation is simple. Eliminating the need to spray PTFE materials to be professional equipment, special technology and must be transported to the professional spraying plant processing and other restrictions.

PTFE tape main specialty

Good heat resistance (continuous use temperature of 260 ℃ or more), even in the overheated heater can also be safe to use.

Good adhesion, melted packaging film "slag" will not stick to the heater.

Excellent electrical insulation.

Good stability, good durability, easy maintenance.