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PVC Hose Material Classification
Jan 25, 2016

PVC hose (health level plastic hose, plastic hose, plastic corrugated tube, food level hose, health level hose, imports hose) had widely application Yu to pipes road system and gas conveying pipeline system, but years PVC pipeline system in gas conveying field of market share almost for zero, water system of dosage also has slightly of fell. but, PVC hose in no pressure pipeline system as drainage, and sewage and row waste system in of dosage get has smooth growth, Mainly because of the production of PVCraw materials dependence on crude oil as otherthermoplastics, the production costs arerelatively low.

Hoses (plastic bellows, inlet hose) can be either wall or wall structure design, connect itusing solvent bonding mode. Depending on whether or not to use plasticizers, can be divided intorigid PVC (resistance to corrosion and hightemperature resistance, while costs arerelatively high.

Although PE piping systems do not have the costadvantage (relatively high raw material prices),but it received rapid promotion andpopularization. This is mainly thanks to PE hosequick easy and secure connection, hot-meltingconnection. Teflon hose due to the PE hose(sanitary plastic hose, plastic hoses,polyethylene hose, food grade hoses, sanitaryhoses, inlet hose), the melting temperaturerange and the viscosity of the meltcharacteristics of PE hose has excellentwelding, so that PE hot melt strength of thejoints meet or exceed the strength of tube body.PE electrofusion fittings can make PE pipelinesystems repair work easy, thus increasing thepipeline's safety and reliability.

PP hose (sanitary plastic hose, plastic tubes,polypropylene hose, food grade hoses, sanitaryhoses, inlet hose) in the 1970 of the 20th century, began to be used in the manufacture ofpipe. According to the different polymerstructures, PP material can be divided into PP-H(HOPP), silicone hose PP-B (block copolymerpolypropylene) and PP-R (random copolymerpolypropylene) in three categories.

Pp-r pipe system is an important member of thehot and cold water piping systems for buildings.Domestic had once appeared promotion PP-R plastic pipeline system of boom, but is regrets, due to fake products and not qualified products of interference, PP-R tube of market and no get is good of continued sex development, instead is to market left has "plastic pipeline not durable" of bad impression, that many to pipes road system of building designer and developers and with party are on plastic pipeline lost has confidence. From a technical perspective,failure occurs because there is a wide range ofthe nonconforming product. While is no using qualified of raw materials, in plastic pipeline development early, practitioners for raw materials of long-term performance and strength of awareness enough thorough, for raw materials of evaluation method of understanding also enough deep; on the is system of connection out has problem, because PP-R tube of die volume in plastic hose inside is compared big of, so joint at easy produced extra of stress, especially steel plastic transition of joint in hot and cold water cycle role a time Hou, on will frequently appeared leakage of situation.