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Rubber O-ring Seal Principle
Apr 14, 2018

The sealing principle of the rubber o-ring mainly depends on the compression of the workpiece. Only the rubber elastomer can achieve the sealing function. When a workpiece is sealed with another workpiece, it must have a rubber o-ring made of rubber elastomer. The seals, and then add a certain degree of force, so that the contact points of the two parts reach a certain degree of tension, so as to play the seal principle of the product. The seal design principle is mainly manifested in the fact that rubber o-rings have a large range of compression, so they are widely used in industrial, electronic products, household appliances, automobiles and so on.

The compression amount W of the rubber o-ring is generally expressed by the following formula: W = (do-h)/do%.

In the formula, the cross-sectional diameter of the do-o ring in the free state is mm.

The distance between the bottom of the h-O ring and the surface to be sealed, that is, the height of the section of the O-ring after compression.

When selecting the compression amount of the o-ring, it should be considered from the following three aspects:

1, have enough sealed contact area.

2, friction as small as possible.

3, try to avoid permanent deformation.