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Silicone O Ring Seals Is What Attracts You
Nov 03, 2017

Silicone O Ring Seals The true silicone O Ring Seals are just one of many O Ring Seals, so when you're choosing a silicone O Ring Seals, it's something that has drawn you in for a long time Or choose it? Write your mind silicone O Ring Seals look like tell us!

Have good electrical insulation properties. Tensile strength than the average rubber is poor and not oil, silicone temperature range: -43-210 ℃, the most prominent advantage is that it has excellent high temperature, anti-static properties, but also through a special formula process, can be produced into Food grade material


1, the tensile strength of the modulation formula can reach 500PSI and anti-Sri Lanka up to 88LBS.

2, good and with good compression deformation.

3, the neutral solvent has good resistance.

4, with excellent heat resistance.

5, with excellent cold resistance.

6, for the erosion of ozone and oxides with excellent resistance.


1, is not recommended for most of the shrinkage of solvents, oils, thickening acid and diluted sodium hydroxide.

2, the electronics industry seals or rubber parts, such as the phone keypad, DVD cushioning, cable seal within the Republic and so on.

Silicone O Ring Seals can be highlighted in many varieties of O Ring Seals, with its own strength to prove its charm. I believe when you choose it, its high temperature and static resistance is absolutely leverage, you say?