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Storage Of Rubber Seals
Apr 14, 2018

Rubber has a valuable elastic polymer material, a wider range of temperature, small stress in different media can produce larger deformation, this deformation can provide contact pressure, compensation leakage gap, to achieve the purpose of sealing. If the storage is not good, it will affect the effect of the seal.

1) clean: as required, soap and water can be used to clean seals. Disinfectants, organic solvents and sharp tools should not be used. The seals after washing should be dried at room temperature and not near the heat source. The environment for the storage of rubber seals should be kept clean.

2) the temperature is 5 to 25 degrees, which is the ideal storage temperature and should not be higher than 25. Contact heat source and sunlight should be avoided. The seals that are removed from low temperature storage should be placed in ambient temperature for more than 10 minutes before being used again.

3) humidity: the relative humidity of the warehouse should be less than 70%. To avoid being too wet or too dry, condensation is not allowed.

4) light: rubber seals should be stored away from light, especially against strong sunlight and ultraviolet radiation. Anti UV packaging bags can provide the best protection. It is suggested that red or orange paint or film should be painted on the windows of the warehouse.

5) radiation: avoid damage to seals by ionizing radiation.

6) oxygen and ozone: rubber materials should not be exposed to circulating air. It can be achieved through packing, winding and storing in a gas tight container or other suitable methods. In storage space, there is no need for ozone generating equipment, such as mercury vapor lamp, electric spark generator or electrostatic generator, motor.

7) deformation: rubber seals should be placed in free relaxation state to avoid stretching, compression and other deformation, such as suspension and stacking.

8) packing: rubber seals must not touch materials such as solvents, grease and magnetic materials, which will damage rubber. PVC materials can not be used to pack the seals. Seals of different materials shall not be mixed together.

9) storage period: the duration of rubber parts is determined by the type of rubber materials.