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The Function Of The Seal In The Reducer
Jun 23, 2018

Reducer is divided into two boxes, the upper and lower, due to a large number of maintenance caused by the uneven surface of the joint, even if the bolt to tighten the joint surface will also cause gaps to cause oil leakage. The 12# adjustable wrench is used as the main tool when the bolts are fastened on the joint surface. The tightening of the bolts by the position is ineffective. In the operation, the gap between the two box bodies is caused by the radial force. The counter bolts are made of ordinary materials and do not meet the requirements either in strength or in tension. Therefore, under the influence of radial force, the bolts are easily elongated, and the gap between the two box bodies can also be caused.

In the input shaft of the reducer, the rotating shaft-shaped seal ring of the inner package skeleton is often affected by the use environment. After a certain period of time, oil leakage due to the wear of the oil seal is obvious, especially when the inclined roadway is transported (the input shaft is low). prominent.

The output shaft of the reducer is a slow shaft. Its structure is in the form of a large sleeve on the outside diameter of the shaft. They are assembled with a transition fit.

 The sealed shell is fixed on the side of the box, and the inner ring rotating shaft-shaped sealing ring of Ф150×Ф110×14 is mounted inside. The inner diameter of the sealing ring is used to seal the outer diameter of the large sleeve and the oil leakage is caused by Loss of sealing effect after wear of the seal ring or excessive clearance between the assembly of the large bush and the shaft or the degree of roughening does not meet the requirements.