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The Significance Of PTFE Gasket In Sealing Field
Oct 25, 2017

PTFE gasket is a new type of sealing products, domestic and foreign technology in the field of sealing a breakthrough, it changed the traditional use of static seal, is a new concept of high-quality practical seal, is of great significance Full range of functional sealing products. PTFE gasket, with its excellent performance, to replace the PTFE sealing tape and other sealing material sealing tape, more and more by the various types of sealing industry welcome and widely used.

It can effectively eliminate all kinds of mechanical equipment, fuel tank end caps, cylinder end caps, gear box end caps, all kinds of pipe flanges, devices, storage containers, towers, tanks, especially non-metallic and other industrial production facilities Leakage, and strengthen the sealing efficiency, is an industrial production enterprises and related industries to solve the gas, liquid media "run, run, drop, drain", an effective tool to cure leakage.

PTFE gasket is a new type of sealing products, can replace the gasket, gaskets and other sealing products, it is a unique processing technology made of a very strange and strange seal material. It is a continuous strip of pure white PTFE products, with good flexibility, compression resilience, creep resistance, high and low temperature resistance and excellent corrosion resistance, non-aging, self-lubricating The Sealing performance, installation is extremely convenient, is the chemical, pharmaceutical, petrochemical, food and beverage, electronics, electricity, metallurgy, shipping and other industries very good sealing material.