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Thickness Matching And Design Of PTFE Gasket
Jul 18, 2017

Thickness selection of PTFE gasket

The new year opened, the recent inquiries from customers before the other manufacturers to buy PTFE gasket, has had a gasket thickness, affecting the actual operation of the situation, do not know if there are no other manufacturers have encountered similar problems, Tak-cheng Wang here, the technical staff after the operation of the environment to understand the mechanical design is often used to adjust the PTFE gasket in the way to offset the size of the chain error, then the selection method is a typical case of the adjustment of PTFE gasket, combined with the actual operation of the production site, from the number of PTFE gaskets, Shape tolerance, dimensional tolerance start, below a brief description of the adjustment of PTFE gasket design method and process.

The matching method can improve the assembly accuracy of the mechanical assembly without increasing the manufacturing cost, and has a wide application in the manufacturing industry, for example, grouping assembly of bearing roller diameter, matching of piston diameter, adjustment of PTFE gasket of axial clearance, etc. Even in reverse design, because the number of mapping is always limited, we must also understand the basic principle of the matching method.

In this paper, the four fluorine gasket is adjusted by axial clearance of bearing, and the design principle of PTFE gasket and the method of selecting PTFE gasket in production site are expounded.

On-site operation of PTFE gasket SELECTION

1 PTFE Gasket Selection on-site operation

Fig. 1 is the axial fixed schematic diagram of the input shaft bearing of a transmission, and the clearance fits.

The production site needs to select the appropriate thickness of PTFE gasket (CLASP) to limit the axial channeling of the shaft. The manual operation of the scene can be expressed as Figure 2.