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What Is American Type Hose Clamps?
Dec 20, 2018

The hose clamp is a fastener at the junction of the soft and hard pipe. Hose clamps solve the problem that in the prior art, the hose clamps are used for the connection of small diameter soft and hard pipes, and the liquid and gas leakage problems occur. The hose clamp adopts an open inner and outer ring structure and is fastened by bolts. The hose clamp effectively solves the problem of dead angles when connecting small diameter soft and hard pipes, as well as liquid and gas leakage problems. The hose clamp is widely used in the matching parts of motor vehicles, petrochemicals, pharmaceuticals, food brewing wastewater treatment, dust removal auto parts and the like.

American type hose clamp

American type hose clamp features

The worm has low friction and is suitable for connection of high-end and high-end models or anti-corrosion materials. The hose clamp has wide application range, anti-torsion and pressure resistance, the torsion torque of the hose clamp is balanced, the lock is firm and tight, and the adjustment range is large. The hose clamp is suitable for the fasteners connected with the soft and hard pipe of 30mm or more, and the appearance is beautiful after assembly.