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What Is O Ring Seal
Sep 06, 2018

The O-ring seal is a combination of a low-friction filled polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) ring and an O-ring seal that provides sufficient seal preload and compensates for the wear of the PTFE ring. The friction coefficient of PTFE is small, and the dynamic and static friction coefficients are similar. Suitable for cylinder rod seals for high and low speed reciprocating motion and high pressure systems. Zero step leakage is achieved with two stepped ring seals.

Material of O-ring rubber seal: The step ring is filled with PTFE PTFE.

O-type rubber seal features:

1. The structure is simple and the sealing performance is good. The cross-section structure of the O-shaped rubber sealing ring is extremely simple, and has self-sealing effect and reliable sealing performance.

2, easy to install Because the O-shaped rubber seal itself and the installation site structure are extremely simple, and has been standardized, so installation and replacement are very easy.

3, a wide range of applications through the selection of appropriate rubber materials and appropriate formula design, to achieve effective sealing of oil, water, air, gas and various chemical media. Wide temperature range -60°C~+220°C), the pressure can reach 1500Kg/cm2 when used in fixed use (use with reinforcing ring)

4, a wide variety of materials suitable for a variety of uses, size and groove have been standardized

O-type rubber seals are widely used in diesel locomotives, automobiles, tractors, construction machinery, machine tools and various hydraulic and pneumatic components. They can bear the seals of fixed, reciprocating and rotary motion. O-type rubber seals in the sealing of mechanical products. More than 50%. According to the needs, it can produce various special-purpose sealing rings and special-shaped rubber sealing products for high temperature, low temperature vacuum, high pressure and different media.