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What Kind Of Clamp
Dec 22, 2017

There are two type pipe clamp sleeve type pipe clamp, pipe clamp, hose clamps, clamp, etc. each mortar clamp, pipe clamp are selected according to their own user.

Two piece pipe clamp

Two type pipe clamp are in line with DIN2817, EN14420-3 standard production, the role of the hose joint firmly fastened together, to prevent the shedding problem between the hose and connector, two piece tube clamp safety clamps, hose clamps, clamp to the high ratio of sleeve type pipe. The material can be divided into three kinds: stainless steel, aluminum alloy and copper alloy.

Sleeve type pipe clamp

Sleeve type pipe clamp is fastening parts we use, the more common is the fixed pipe in industry of the century; but with the two piece of the pipe clamp, slowly fade out of our sight, which has the advantages of simple installation only supporting fastener can.

Hose clamps, clamp

Hose clamps, the clamp is in water system we compared a common fixture, can use these six words practical, affordable, and effort to summarize. Low cost is one of the reasons for this kind of pinch, but there is a lack of high pressure operation.